Copyright/image reproduction information

Images of Taonga Māori

Images of taonga have cultural significance to Māori. Such images and their associated information should be used for personal use only.

Reproduction requests

If you require images from the Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga collection, please contact National Office,, stating the image(s) you require, referencing the relevant publication or website page(s), and explaining how the image(s) will be used. Fees for reproduction may apply. Please note that some images may not be available for reproduction.

Photography in or around Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga properties

Visitors may photograph, record or film people and general scenes within and around Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga properties for private purposes such as personal study, mementoes of a visit or a special occasion. Images taken this way may not be sold commercially or displayed publicly without the permission of Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga. 

Commercial photography will require permission, and may attract charges. Please contact the property manager to discuss your requirements. 

Photography and filming may be prohibited at certain times or at certain exhibitions. Where this is the case, any limitations will be communicated clearly.