Clendon House and Pou sitting in a woman's hand in a collage style.

Time travel and meet… a powerhouse wahine

Jane Takotowi Cochrane was a force to be reckoned with. Of Hokianga Māori and Irish descent, she was left with eight children under the age of 16 to raise, plus a mountain of debt, when her husband James died in 1872.

You can learn more about Jane’s story when you visit Clendon House. Travel back in time and imagine yourself in her shoes, fighting to save her family home and keep her children alive and well, while establishing a legacy for generations to come.

Take the narrow staircase she once took, and gaze, as she once did, out the open window to the crystal-clear waters of Rāwene.

Jane’s wedding dress is also on display at the house – and you might be surprised at how small in stature this woman with great mana was.

Become a time traveller today by visiting Clendon House.

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